We Taste-Tested (and Ranked) All 17 Dunkin’ Donuts Flavors

Since 1950, Dunkin’ has been known for their donut flavors, from classics like Glazed to Boston Kreme. We wanted to know which donut flavor was the best so we tasted every single Dunkin’ Donut flavor and ranked them from best to worst.

This one is undoubtedly last place. The strawberry flavoring is so horribly artificial it actually tastes like bubblegum. Maybe this donut is actually bubblegum and we just swallowed to soon.

This tastes like an Almond Joy, which is… confusing. If we were on a deserted island and it was the only option, we’d enjoy it. And maybe our cell to call a boat?

We know people love this one, but the filling reminds us of something sticky, gooey, and NSFW. Let’s just say, we didn’t know if we should spit or swallow.

There is nothing more basic than vanilla, but it’s okay to be basic sometimes. If you are craving a donut, it gets the job done. Pair with a pumpkin latte for the full basic experience.

This is the epitome of a donut. It’s got the combination of perfectly risen dough, just enough sweetness not to overwhelm the taste buds, and appeals to everyone from 8 to 95.

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