12 Popular Dunkin’ Drinks Ranked from “Slam Dunkin” to “Stick to Donuts”

Dunkin’ is all the things we love. Affordable. Reliable. Filled with donuts. And of course, a slew of Dunkin’ drinks. It may be less fancy than Starbucks and less trendy than your corner coffee shop. But nobody can ever say that they have a shortage of options.

We weren’t expecting too much out of this one, but saying we were “pleasantly surprised” is an understatement. This Dunkin’ drink tastes like sipping a matcha KitKat. It’s sweet enough to make a true matcha enthusiast cringe, but if this is being a poser then we accept who we are.

The Iced Mocha Swirl Latte isn’t strong on the coffee flavor, but we don’t mind. The slight coffee taste has us feeling like it’s the childhood chocolate milk we didn’t know we wanted, mixed with the caffeine boost we knew we needed.

It’s…fine. It’s like La Croix, coffee edition. We were excited about this because we love butter pecan ice cream. But the nuttiness and sweetness of our beloved treat didn’t translate. We’d prefer to wait until our ice cream melted and drink that.

Dunkin’ touts this flavored coffee as having flavors of pumpkin and hazelnut mixed with coffee. We think it missed both the pumpkin and the hazelnut.

We tried to be fair and objective, but we secretly wanted this Refresher to be first on the list. But even appealing to our inner middle schooler didn’t save this one. It was pretty medicinal, and the aftertaste was even worse.

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