You’ll Want To Try These Dutch Bros Fall Drinks For 2023

Ever since the Halloween decor arrived in stores, we’ve been craving pumpkin-flavored drinks. And the new Dutch Bros Fall drinks menu for 2023 is here to help, with the return of their classic faves as well as a new treat.

This fan fave is available as Breve, Cold Brew, or Freeze, and is a blend of pumpkin and mouth-watering salted caramel.

A double-shot of their white coffee — higher in caffeine than regular coffee — and white chocolate with chai topped with Soft Top and cinnamon sprinks.

We love that this new blended beverage takes rich pumpkin flavor and delivers it in Frost form, topped with delicious whipped cream.

Also not a part of the official Fall lineup, Midnight is the flavor combo of blackberry and pomegranate, two fruits that are in their prime in early Fall.

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