20 Dutch Bros Secret Menu Drinks That We Couldn’t Keep to Ourselves

The regular Dutch Bros menu is just the beginning, with coffee, lemonades, smoothies, energy drinks, and more. Their “not-so-secret-menu” is actually very well known by their “broistas” (no, really) and their cult-like followers.

We’re not sure if we’re hallucinating from all the caffeine, but we’re pretty sure last night’s sunset got its look from this drink. Definitely not the other way around.

Nitro cold brew with a dollop of Irish cream should do the trick for a good kick with the Kicker Cold Brew. If not, just add Bailey’s. And maybe a potato.

This may sound like three ingredients that would be rather sour, but don’t worry – they add a lot of sugar. And love. Aw.

Strawberry combined with coconut lemonade delivers just a hint of the tropics and the ferocity of Tiger’s Blood. Perfect for your morning meetings!

The sight of the sun is such an inspiration in Oregon that it makes it to the secret menu as the Ray of Sunshine. Or, it’s the lovely mixture of blackberries, peaches, and grapefruit.

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