These 30 Easy Apple Desserts Are Already Our Favorite Thing About Fall

We are still trying to enjoy the last stretch of summer, we swear. There are some pool days left, and we have the mosquito bites to show for it. But these easy apple desserts are getting us ready to ditch the bikinis and locate our oversized sweatshirts.

We’re not sure we should even call this a recipe, it’s so easy. Aside from the apples (duh), all you need is some good quality ground cinnamon. These Cinnamon Apple Chips are shake and bake, for real.

These Apple Pie Tacos are the perfect ending to your taco Tuesday munch fest. We love how basically anything can go in a taco. Except the tequila.

There is no kid on Earth who will turn their head away from fruit when it’s served as this Caramel Apple Dip. But if they do, more for you.

The inclusion of brie in this Upside Down Apple Tart recipe takes it to the next level. Take this as a reminder to add brie to more stuff. Like our lunch box every morning. Thanks, bestie.

These Apple Samoas are such a genius (and healthy) way to satisfy that craving for Girl Scout cookies. Hey, come back here, Girl Scout! We didn’t say we wouldn’t still take ten boxes.

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