Spooky, Kooky Goth Wedding Cake Inspiration For Your Black Celebration

Not every couple’s vision for their wedding aligns with what’s considered “traditional.” If you and your loved one met at an ’80s night in a goth club, have black bedroom walls, and treat Halloween like a religion, these goth wedding cakes are perfect for you.

This stark black-and-white design topped with a crescent moon works for both witches and werewolves. And especially if your wedding song is Type O Negative’s “Wolf Moon.” IYKYK.

Be sure to brush your fangs after eating to keep them looking as good as this guy’s chompers. And because poppy seeds are relentless.

Cut the cake, “sit together now and forever,” and hope that Oogie Boogie’s invitation got lost in the mail. Just like ours…

Let’s have a black celebration with this darker than dark cake covered in gilded fondant. Your guests will love when this is wheeled into the crypt—I mean, chapel.

The silhouetted Victorian skeleton couple on top of this darkly sweet treat is the perfect ghoulish touch. Even though they look like they’ve never eaten cake.

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