12 Great British Bake Off Cookbooks That Will Win You Star Baker

Every year, we patiently await the next season of the popular U.K. television show, Great British Bake Off. (Or, if you're in the U.S., the The Great British Baking Show.) And then we want to bake everything they make.

Giuseppe’s Italian Bakes takes you on a journey through Italy with his recipes, so hopefully you renewed your passport! With a better picture this time.

Mary Berry is a national treasure in England, with the title of Dame to prove it. With a name like Mary Berry, you can either become a baker or become very resentful of your parents. Our taste buds are happy with her choice!

Liam Charles may have come in fifth place on his season, but he was first in our hearts. Cheeky Bakes is full of fun twists on classic bakes like falafel scones. Here's hoping those don't come with buttercream hummus.

Gym teacher-turned Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown writes about bakes that are close to her heart in her cookbook.

James Morton – in spite of having a busy schedule as a medical student – managed to come in as runner-up on season three of GBBO. His relaxed approach and love for bread are expressed in his book.

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