25 Spooky Halloween Cakes for Your Next Halloween Party

We know it can be hard to think outside of the box for Halloween desserts. But while we wait for you to find your way out of the coffin, here's a devilish spread of the best Halloween cakes and recipe ideas we could find.

This creepy cute Halloween cake by Sprinkle Bakes features a white layer cake decorated with jet black food coloring, sprinkles, and homemade ghost bark.

What happens if you mix cheesecake and a bundt cake? Apparently, a dark chocolate bundt cake painted by Jackson Pollock and filled with an alarmingly Halloween orange cheesecake center.

Not all Halloween cakes have to be spooky. Some can be adorable, like this Red Vine Monster Cake. The red food coloring make it look like a combination of Tickle-Me-Elmo and a Chia Pet and it probably won’t come alive in the middle of the night. Probably.

There is probably nothing creepier than walking into a spiderweb. Liv for Cake's black-and-orange Halloween cake recipe has an intricate spiderweb design made from icing. It's reportedly much tastier than webbing.

Get a little adventurous by making yourself a five-layer cake. Amy Treasure's candy-covered Halloween cake is coated in black buttercream frosting and all kinds of creepy crawlies.

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