Sink Your Fangs Into These 27 Hauntingly Good Halloween Cupcake Ideas

We've been gearing up for spooky season for weeks already, so we're more than ready for some Halloween cupcake ideas. And the great thing about treats decorated with gory brains and blood spatter means you can afford to be a little messy.

This recipe offers ideas for furry werewolf faces and even clawed werewolf paws. Now we'll cue up "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" and our Full Moon party is set. Or just being Team Jacob works, too.

There is no better dessert to serve for your Friday the 13th marathon gathering. If you make a batch of 12, that's one for each film. Better make a baker's dozen, though, since Jason never dies. Neither will your sugar rush.

We've looked at hundreds of Halloween cupcake ideas this year already, and these may be the only ones that actually freak us out a little bit. And we love that. Although we're not sure we love walnuts anymore.

The trick to making these "furry" monsters is just a piping bag. Really. It's not actually dog hair, we promise. Or maybe just that one was. Whoops.

This is the best use of Milano cookies we've ever seen. Aside from just inhaling them out of the bag, which is what we normally do.

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