17 Incredible Halloween Gingerbread Houses

We're proud of ourselves when we're able to throw together some spooky cupcakes, but these Halloween gingerbread houses are next level. From spiderweb piping to tiny tombstones and bones, and even broken glass windows—we're ready to call Zak Bagans to investigate these sweet haunted houses.

We love the delicate black scroll work on this creepy gingerbread home, which gives it that Victorian vibe over just a random haunted townhouse.

Is it cake? Is it a gingerbread house? Is it a gingerbread house that looks like cake and also kind of looks like a real house? Is everything either cake or reality?

These adorable specters are perfect for a Halloween gingerbread house fan who is not really into being frightened, or too young for real monsters.

We're not done with Barbenheimer vibes yet. This Halloween gingerbread house is the perfect addition to the party where you know everyone's gonna be dressed up as Barbies or Kens anyway.

Remember in The Amityville Horror when the black sludge dripped down the walls? Yeah, nom nom. Wait, is it weird that that scene made us super hungry?

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