50 Easy Healthy Dessert Recipes

Whether it's the New Year and you're determined to stick to your new resolution to eat healthier or you're trying to overhaul your diet, you're probably on the lookout for healthier recipes. But what about dessert? The two don't usually go hand-in-hand, but these 50 healthy dessert recipes will help you stick with your plan.

If you also used to love eating raw cookie dough out of the Pillsbury tubes as a kid, then you're going to love this healthy take on Cookie Dough!

These chocolate puddings have just five ingredients and are less than 100 calories a piece. I think I'll make a batch and just pop them in my fridge so they're ready when I want one.

Carrot Cake is one of the most deceiving cakes out there. It sounds healthy. It looks healthy. It is not healthy. Which is fine, unless you actually want a healthy dessert. These mini versions, on the other hand, are a healthier take on that sneaky carrot cake.

I'm not personally a fan of chocolate and orange together (I'm a monster), but this one might change my mind.

One please. Or two. This healthy dessert is a yummy gluten-free take on the baked donut.

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