Master Your Mornings With These 15 High-Protein Breakfasts

If your day start by snoozing your alarm five times and running out of the house just eight minutes before you have to be at work, then we bet that a healthy morning meal isn't high on your priority list. But we have some exciting news: you don't have to follow a complicated "It Girl" routine to sneak a high-protein breakfast into your day.

There are two things we love about this high-protein breakfast recipe: it only takes eight minutes to bake, and you can top it with whatever fruit, nut, or seed combo you want.

We got sidetracked by the pretty star-shaped persimmons, but the real star of this show is skyr, an Icelandic yogurt. It's got about 19 grams of protein per 6 ounce serving. And, it plays nicely with the oats and fruit in this breakfast bowl.

Anyway, mix some ham and bacon into the dough, then add protein powder, mozzarella, some spices, and garlic butter. Pop it in the oven for 10 minutes and enjoy it before your first Zoom meeting of the day.

If you're looking for a simple, basic protein pancake recipe, here's our own. It uses whey protein, but you can just as easily swap in a plant-based vegan protein powder. Then, load it up with oats, yogurt, and any fruit flavors you desire.

You've probably heard of kefir being good for gut health, but it's high in protein, too@! Whip up these protein pancake lookalikes for the whole family using oat flour, spelt flour, protein powder, vanilla, egg, water, and of course, kefir.

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