We’re Totally Enchanted By These Incredible Hocus Pocus Food Ideas

Spooky season and Hocus Pocus season are one in the same in our household. We anxiously wait for that first chilly, overcast day to arrive so we can press play on our favorite Halloween movie. And now, this Hocus Pocus food is the movie night addition you've been missing. Whether you're in the mood for sweet, salty, both, or other (uh... spell-y?), we've got a treat for you.

Looking for a quick and easy Hocus Pocus dessert idea? This one is not it. Looking for a way to get cast on Nailed It!? Give it your all.

Your Betty Crocker brownie package could never.

These breakable chocolate hearts are all the rage around Valentine's Day, but they work for Halloween, too. Eat your heart out, Winifred. Or, uh, we will.

Want some tasty Hocus Pocus food without the massive sugar hangover? This fruit salad version should do the trick. Wait, fruit has sugar in it?

The Sanderson sisters, in cake pop form. Starbucks, your move.

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