17 Scary Monster Cakes to Whip Up This Halloween

We've been gearing up for spooky season for weeks already, so we're more than ready for some Halloween cupcake ideas. And the great thing about treats decorated with gory brains and blood spatter means you can afford to be a little messy.

If you're looking for a cake that looks like a multitude of Sesame Street's Yip Yips got melted together, this is for you. Anyone who ever said you shouldn't play with your food clearly never got to make something this fun.

This monster cake looks like it just found out it showed up late to celebrate Grimace's birthday. By the way, was that really a thing that happened, or did we imagine that?

The metallic copper and purple frosting on this mysterious pumpkin monster elevates it to be much more than a kids' party cake. Go ahead, bust this out for your parents' retirement shindig. We won't stop you, but their nosy neighbor might.

It's important to remember that not all monsters are scary and that they need love, too. This bright and colorful guy is just happy you showed up to the party. Ssshhhh, no one has told him he's the main course yet.

This riotous sprinkle monster is totally customizable depending on which type of sprinkles you get, how many eyes you choose, icing colors, and more.

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