23 Easy Breakfast Ideas For The Chronic Oversleeper

Instead of skipping breakfast or stopping by Starbucks for the sixth time this week, whip up one of these easy breakfast ideas that require just five ingredients or less. Your tummy (and your wallet) will be singing your praises. We pulled together a bunch of recipes for your mornings, like biscuits, breads, a breakfast burrito, overnight oats, and several egg variations.

This maple brown sugar overnight oats recipe is super easy and versatile. Although it only takes five ingredients, you can add tons of toppings, like peanut butter, hemp seeds, and berries.

Ramen? For breakfast? Hey, if there’s breakfast for dinner, there should be dinner for breakfast! Especially when it involves massive amounts of cheese. You cheddar believe we’re not joking around with this one-pot ramen recipe.

We have to say it: banana is peanut butter’s most elite counterpart. And these banana peanut butter oatmeal bars prove it.

Avocado toast? Overdone and predictable. Baked eggs in an avocado? That’s the breakfast of the future.

We can all agree that pizza belongs at breakfast. This breakfast pizza is topped with crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheesy goodness.

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