Eat A More Colorful Diet With These Rainbow Desserts

To paraphrase Kermit, “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow desserts. The cupcakes, the ice cream, and me.” Well, Kermie, that day is here, because we’ve got 20 colorful, delicious desserts that’ll make you feel like you found a pot of gold hidden in each one.

What’s at the end of your rainbow? A pot of gold? That’s cute. But what’s at the end of these Rainbow-Topped Cupcakes is a sky-blue vanilla cupcake. It may not be better financially, but that’s what Monopoly money is for.

No oven? No problem! This No-Bake Fruity Pebbles Cheesecake is about to be the hottest rainbow dessert on the table. But not actually hot since it’s…oh, okay, you got it. Great.

This Rainbow Ice Cream is actually vanilla. And no, we’re calling it boring – it’s literally vanilla ice cream! And it clearly just came out of a meeting with Lisa Frank. We hear she’s doing well these days.

The hardest part of this white-chocolate Easy Rainbow Fudge is remembering which order the rainbow goes in as you layer the colors.

Two Aussie treats in one! These sponge cakes topped with white chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles will have you going back for seconds.

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