30 Halloween Costumes So Scary You Should Probably Avoid Mirrors

Whether you want to scare trick or treaters or just make yourself jump when you look in the mirror, these scary Halloween costumes for adults should do the trick. Or the treat. Whichever gets us more Butterfingers.

Don’t forget to lay perfectly still when adults come into the room. Oh wait. We are the adults.

1. Chucky and Bride

Cruella is the villain we all secretly want to be. Make her look as deranged as you’d like, just don’t let your dog see you leaving the house in this getup.

Coraline claims to be a kids movie, but even Neil Gaiman’s daughter eventually confessed the book scared her and isn’t really for children.

This is the perfect disturbing Halloween costume if you don’t feel like doing elaborate makeup or faking smiles during small talk about retirement funds.

4. Plague Doctor

All you need is a little bit of makeup or $12 for a plastic mask from Spirit Halloween for this scary Halloween costume from Friday the 13th.

5. Jason Voorhees

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