S’mores Dessert Boards Perfect For Your Fire Pit

You thought cheese boards were good, but then came dessert boards — and you swooned. But just when you thought food boards had peaked, here comes something even tastier for summer: s’mores dessert boards! Now quit underestimating boards!

– chocolate (milk, dark, white) – graham crackers – marshmallows – peanut butter cups – cookies – fruit – pretzels – Nutella

– Place each ingredient in a group. – Arrange on plate as desired. Have colors mirror each other for a more dramatic effect. – If using peanut butter or melted chocolate, place in small bowls and tuck into platter.

This one also has apples, rice krispie treats, peanut brittle, and are those Stroopwafels?! Yes, yes they are.

Super simple s’mores dessert board with a cameo from those love-em or hate-em Brach’s pumpkins.

We can respect a tray that’s mostly marshmallows and cookies.

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