Take A Bite Out Of These Awesome Snake Cakes

Snakes get a bad reputation in pop culture. But these snake cakes have a lot going for them, and their rhyming name is only one such advantage. Albeit, quite a satisfying one. But not all snakes are bad, especially when they're made with sugar and icing.

This snake has some serious ink. So bust out your Hello Kitty planners and start writing out those manifestations, you ambitious Slytherins. Uhh, snakes don't eat kitties, do they?

This studded cake aims high, like the heel of a well-established fashion designer. Coincidentally, it was also Donatella Versace’s birthday cake. As if we needed more of a reason to dig in.

Somehow we don’t think this snake would find our jokes hiss-terical. Ahem. Okay, time to run now.

While a snake in the grass can mean a hidden enemy, it can also mean there’s literally a snake in your grass. Tough luck.

Britney Spears' 2001 VMA snake performance can’t hold a candle to this. But if any snake asks us, "Do you want a piece of me?" we will not be responding with, "Gimme more."

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