13 Strawberry Drinks from Starbucks to Enjoy

Here’s a look at more than a dozen summery of Starbucks' strawberry drinks. Whether you want something tart or something straight from the Upside Down, we’ve got you covered. Well, not actually us. We have no idea how to make coffee.

How to order: – Ask for the barista to blend your choice of milk. – Add strawberry syrup. – Add vanilla syrup. – Froth until foamy and add on top of your favorite drink.

How to order: – Order a Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher. – Ask for extra Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam. – Ask for strawberry puree in the foam.

Like the perfect summer milkshake, the strawberry puree, milk, and ice go perfectly with whipped cream. And, possibly, Lactaid.

Need a bit more of a pick-me-up that can hold its own against your iced coffee? This fruity iced beverage is caffeinated with green coffee extract so you won’t even miss your coffee. That much.

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