Pie Is So Basic, Try These 35 Incredible Thanksgiving Cake Ideas For Dessert Instead

Thanksgiving is a food-centric holiday. But ultimately, there’s really one food that this holiday is all about and that’s cake. Especially if it's one of these fabulous Thanksgiving cake ideas.

Everything is better in gold. At least that’s what jewelry companies what you to believe. Have we been brainwashed into thinking...ooh, shiny!

Feast your eyes on the dessert platter of your dreams. We've got donuts, pie, macarons...and it's quite possible there's a cake under there.

These owls and turkeys are lining up for Black Friday sales. You'd think they'd just be grateful they weren't eaten last night.

The tradition where everyone goes around the table to say what they’re thankful for is all fun and games until you’re last. When everyone else has taken your ideas, you can say you’re thankful for this cake. And you too, Grandpa.

If a Thanksgiving cake went on vacation to France, it would look like this. J’adore a macaron in the afternoon. Or the morning. Or the middle of the night. Really, we won't say no.

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