15 Thanksgiving Charcuterie Boards We're Grateful For

Quit mourning Halloween, because Thanksgiving is coming and not only is it underrated, you can make a Thanksgiving charcuterie board to celebrate it. If you’re not in the mood for Turkey Day just yet, these Thanksgiving charcuterie boards are sure to get you there.

If we’ve learned anything today, it’s that you can’t go wrong with turkey-shaped charcuterie like this one from A Board Above. Also that we have more words to say about Thanksgiving boards than we thought.

Charcuterie by Cait has done it again, and by ‘it’ we mean made us drool. If they design our cookie plate for Santa, maybe he’ll finally get us a Peloton. Our other clothes rack is full.

Saratoga Grazing Co. just gave us another reason to move to Canada. The downside is that then we wouldn’t be able to celebrate Thanksgiving. But we would get to celebrate Orangemen’s Day, and the Kool-Aid man is hyped.

Harken back to Thanksgiving’s roots with this chocolate cornucopia platter by Chic Concepts NY. Okay, okay, we’ll share. You can have the candy corn!

Save a bird, eat charcuterie. Er, sorry cows and pigs? This cheese board from Cheese, Please has us counting down the days ‘til Thanksgiving. How out of character!

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