Entree Who? These Trader Joe’s Appetizers Will Be The Main Event

We’ve had much better luck with food apps than dating apps, and you know what? That’s fine. Delicious, nibbles of mini foods set a standard that no amount of “good vibes only” Tinder descriptions could ever compete with. Especially when the nibbles are Trader Joe’s appetizers.

We normally think of gnocchi as little potato dumplings, but that’s not the case here with these cheesy semolina flour numbers.

Pickles are having a moment, and Trader Joe’s is not letting the opportunity pass them by. Taking an old favorite like mini corn dogs and pickle-fying it is a power move.

Breakfast and brunch deserve appetizers too, and nothing encapsulates brunch quite like mini maple pancake-esque bites.

There’s a famous saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We say, “if it ain’t broke, you should probably bread and fry it.” There’s no proof of concept more solid than fried mac and cheese bites.

Triangle of Sadness is great. But have you tried a triangle of happiness? That’s what we’re calling these spiced vegetable samosas. We’re sure it’ll catch on any day now.

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