The 19 Best New Products Arriving At Trader Joe’s This August 2023

Trader Joe’s deserves a prize for its ability to get people excited about August. Temperatures are so hot we’re wishing it was Fall, yet feeling like it’s too early for pumpkin spice everything. Here are the best new products arriving  at Trader Joe’s this August 2023.

Nothing says “blast from the past” like fruity cereal. This cereal has the look of a familiar childhood favorite, but doesn’t involve ostracizing a poor rabbit who is just trying to get his nostalgic breakfast fix.

Root beer floats are a true flavor of summer but honestly, who can finish one before the ice cream melts? Thankfully, that’s all fixed thanks to these all-in-one bars.

The vegan bolognese of tomato, lentil, and mushroom will have you so immersed in umami-induced bliss that you won’t miss the meat.

We haven’t found a Hold The Cone variation we don’t like, and Trader Joe’s is keeping up the streak with this dairy-free version of the handheld treat.

Karaage is a Japanese appetizer made from fried dark chicken meat and best enjoyed with a side of slightly spicy mayo.

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