18 Exciting New Trader Joe’s Fall Products Arriving in 2023

We love Fall - the air is crisp, mosquitoes get wrecked, leaves have a  sprinkling of dew, and our drinks have a sprinkling of cinnamon. When  it comes to Autumn flavors,  we go big or we go home. Which is fine because we’ve moved into TJ's to  take advantage of all these new Trader Joe's Fall products.

We have so much in common with these scones. At this point, we’re mostly pumpkin and cinnamon and we fall apart easily, but it’s nothing a little butter and jam can’t fix.

Double fold may be the nickname we earned that one time we played poker, but it also refers to this super-strength vanilla extract. Now is a great time to use this in the baking you’ve been dying to catch up on.

This might not be your Nonna’s lasagna, but surely once she gets a taste of this Fall-tastic version, she can’t be too mad. We love your red sauce, but embrace the gourd, Nonna.

As much as we adore Fall, it can get chilly and dark in the mornings, so we could do with an extra incentive. Pastries are almost always that incentive. We might start our commute in the dark now, but at least we’re running on a cinnamon bun.

TLC called, they’re taking back their claim that they don’t want no scrub. Did you think we were kidding when we said we wanted to take a bath in pumpkin spice? How naive. Thank goodness Trader Joe’s took us seriously.

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