18 Items To Prove that Trader Joe's is a Gluten-Free Gold Mine

One of the things we love most about Trader Joe’s is all their products that accommodate specific dietary needs. Whether you’re dairy-free, vegan, Kosher, or preferential to cheap wine, they don't want you to miss out on any of the fun. That sentiment is perhaps most apparent with all these Trader Joe's gluten-free foods.

Double the chocolate but none of the gluten? That’s a fair trade if we’ve ever heard one.

We know, we know, you have the seasoning. You could make an everything-flavored shoe, if you wanted. But sometimes you just want the OG everything bagel. Hold the gluten, of course.

Now you can enjoy the crunch of cereal without the gluten in the morning, noon, and night. It tastes better in the moonlight, anyway.

You know how sometimes you go to an Italian restaurant and you’re surrounded by bread and pasta and it’s like, “would you like some gluten with your gluten?” At least now you can sit smugly knowing that you can enjoy the same delicious tastes at home with this gluten-free cheese ravioli.

Trader Joe's heard your call and has responded with this sophisticated take on the beloved ice cream sandwich. They're made with flour alternatives, but aren’t explicitly marketed as gluten-free. But that’s probably because TJ’s knows they can barely keep this dessert on the shelves as is.

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