21 Trader Joe's Holiday Products to Celebrate With in 2023

Every November 1, tinsel hits the fan and things go from zero to Christmas in no time flat. The Grinch in us is shaking our fist, yelling "but Thanksgiving!" But then Trader Joe’s dropped their holiday products for 2023, and reminded us of the true meaning of the season.

With Girl Scout cookies for the year far in our past, the absence of Thin Mints has us hankering for mint chocolate. Thus, these cookies are stars in more ways than one.

As much as we love crispy gingersnaps, we’re thrilled to see those warming ginger flavors in a cookie that’s soft, chewy, and hugging a glob of vanilla frosting. I mean really, can you say that without smiling?

Trader Joe’s heard us when we said we hated to choose between cakes and cookies. Actually, everybody heard us. We yell it often from the rooftops. But hey, whatever gets stuff done.

Trader Joe’s could hit us over the head with the information that their products are made for dogs and we’d still be incredibly tempted to eat them. What can we say? We’re just more excited about peanut butter than we are turned-off by dog treats.

Is it a holiday party without a platter of cookies? Could be. Is it a good one? Definitely not.

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