The 21 Best Products Arriving At Trader Joe’s This November

November is a month full of wolfing down your trick-or-treat haul and inhaling everything pumpkin and butternut squash. In a season full of great food, don't neglect to visit the epicenter of delicious offerings. Because here's all the best stuff arriving at Trader Joe’s for November 2023.

Ever looked at a pancake and wished it were just a little bit fluffier? A little more delightfully chewy? A little more ready for you to eat without having to do any work?

Part of us thinks we might be disappointed to open a gold coin and find it’s chocolate. But then we realized giving us chocolate instead of money is really just cutting out the middleman.

The Three Musketeers had their moment, but it’s time they moved aside for the better trio in town. Unless we’re talking about the candy bar. That should stay forever.

Caramel? Chocolate? Peanut butter? A fun name? How did something start with caramel and keep getting better?

We have been waiting for science to come up with a way for us to constantly eat Thanksgiving dinner without ever getting full. They’ve cracked it. Or rather, they’ve popped it.

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