19 Types of Donuts to Try ASAP

Did you know that when it came to types of donuts, there’s more than a baker’s dozen? We bet that when the Dutch started making these fried confections, they didn’t realize they were creating an American classic. Like apple pie or NCIS.

Red velvet is a cake texture that results from a chemical reaction between cocoa powder, buttermilk, and vinegar. That’s why it’s a specific type of donut!

These bite-sized donuts are great for parties, donut pops, or building limbs for Mr. Donuthead. Plus they have more surface area for glaze and sugar.

What makes an already donut even better? Chocolate frosting. Put it on cake doughnuts or yeast doughnuts, and you can top it with sprinkles, nuts, or even more icing.

Enjoy the flavor of apples, without the messiness of a fritter. Apple cider donuts start with an apple-infused cake base, and are then decorated with cinnamon and sugar.

Jelly donuts are typically coated in powdered sugar, regular sugar, or (if you want to skip straight to the sugar coma) glaze.

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