25 of the Most Unique Pies We've Ever Seen

With pie, as with people, it’s what's inside that matters most — but looks can go a long way, too. That’s why we’re so enamored with these unique pies crafted by pie artists like Kansas City area-based baker Pie Goddess Kristin Brumm.

@LokoKitchen creates the most perfectly geometric pie designs. This blueberry pie is created from other pies’ scraps — one pie’s trash is another pie’s treasure.

Reach for the sky with this celestial design by @InspiredToTaste.

One could say that Tracy of @PierannosaurusRex is a “clever girl” with this blueberry vegan velociraptor pie. She's baked a whole bunch of other dinosaur pies and keeps promising us that the dilophosaurus is coming any day now.

Baker @HostTheToast created this cheerful and sunny honey lemon chiffon pie and generously included instructions to make it. You’ll be shocked to learn how to make the honeycomb. We were, though that may have been from web browsing while in the tub.

This hedgehog pie by @artistic_el exemplifies everything about cottagecore that we love — mainly the fantasy of subsisting on berries and wearing leaves.

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