We Ranked 25 Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Flavors, From Unhinged to Dairy Royalty

When it comes to weird ice cream creations, Van Leeuwen might be leading the pack. Are the people behind this brand masterminds? Or are they crying out for help? Our list of Van Leeuwen's ice cream flavors ranked worst to best might help answer that.

The award for the unlikeliest of collabs goes to Van Leeuwen and Hidden Valley for this, um...unique product. What’s next? Thousand Island ice cream? Italian Dressing flavor? Where does the chaos end? (Actually, can we get a special sauce while y’all are at it?)

Though artificial cheddar cheese is the most nostalgic childhood flavor, it shouldn't have ever crossed paths with ice cream. If ketchup becomes the best topping for your sundae, you've officially entered a Rick and Morty episode.

It may be gourmet as heck — a mozzarella ice cream with swirls of tomato jam and basil cookie pieces — but when we said we wanted pizza and ice cream, we didn’t mean this.

Spoiler alert: this mystery flavor does, in fact, include onion. Inspired by Rian Johnson’s 2022 whodunit film, this Van Leeuwen flavor combines a vanilla ice cream base with Greek yogurt, swirls of Bourbon onion jam, and pineapple honeycomb.

You may recognize the Grey Poupon name from the bottle of Dijon mustard on your fridge door. And that’s precisely where it should stay, far away from the unassuming vanilla ice cream in your freezer.

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