17 Amazing Halloween Charcuterie Boards for Your Party

It’s Halloween season, it's time to put together your spookiest spread in the form of these Halloween charcuterie boards. We’re spooky witches at heart, and these meat and cheese boards are calling to us. Like, they’re literally calling. Maybe we should get that checked out. Don't they know we prefer texting?

This charcuterie board has it all – pumpkins, spiders, and ghostly  cheese wheels. Get your own from Crumb & Cow.

If you’re looking for an aesthetic, monochromatic platter, Social Spreads has you covered. The orange and white pumpkins really bring out your eyes. Put them back in before company arrives.

This board is almost too pretty to eat, but if we don’t, it’ll eat us  first. From a pure survival standpoint, we call dibs on the Winifred cookie. Black Magic Cakery will brew you a batch if you ask nicely.

Creating a sugar skull out of cheese, jam and cured meats is so genius, it’s scary. Order your own from Petal & Platter.

Two words: kiwi Frankenstein. And Babybel monsters. And pomegranate pumpkin guts. And this is why we’re bad at Scrabble. Charcuterie by Cait.

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