Krispy Kreme Adds Apple Fritters and Three New Donuts to Their Fall Menu

When donut news hits the airwaves (read: Instagram), we’re all over it like, well, like us on maple glaze. Krispy Kreme recently revealed that they have four new fall donuts, plus an apple fritter.

This puppy is stuffed with cheesecake-flavored filling, dipped in maple-flavored icing and topped with maple-flavored icing drizzles and pecans.

1. Maple Pecan Cheesecake Doughnut

Is it a donut or a pastry? Krispy Kreme filled these with apple filling and topped them with diced apples and a cinnamon-infused glaze, so argue amongst yourselves while we eat the last one.

This chocolatey delight takes an Original Glazed, dunks it in salted caramel brownie batter, then adds salted caramel drizzle, brownie crumbles, and fall leaf sprinkles. It’s very cute. So cute we ate it.

3. Salted Caramel Brownie Doughnut

Now! Literally. Right, now. The new Krispy Kreme menu debuted on September 19th and the donuts are available until October 9th.

When Are the Apple Orchard Donuts Available?

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