15 Starbucks Secret Menu Refreshers for Summer

When it comes to summertime caffeinated drinks, iced coffee is a staple. But when you're craving something on the fruitier side, order one of these secret menu Starbucks Refreshers instead.

– Order a Venti Lemonade – Add three pumps of raspberry syrup – Add peach juice and a scoop of strawberries

– Order a Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade with no berries – Ask for plenty of room to add peach and passion tea on top (not blended)

– Order a Venti Iced Half-Sweet Black Tea Lemonade – Combine with peach tea and a splash of soy milk

How to order:   – Order a White Chocolate Mocha       Frappuccino   – Add 1 pump of cinnamon dolce         syrup   – Add 1 pump of hazelnut syrup   – Top with cinnamon dolce powder

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