Our 19 Best Thanksgiving Tips and Hacks for a Stress-Free Holiday

This year, work on saving your sanity at the same time that you're doing everything else to make turkey day extra special. We think these 20 Thanksgiving tips and hacks will be really useful to get you prepared for the big day. And you may even end up enjoying yourself, too.

The holiday will start stress-free if you know what you have and what you’re missing—we’re not saying it will end stress-free, we all know what happens when our brother-in-law overindulges.

Get cracking early in November so you can plan ahead and keep your final showdown as calm and organized as possible. Also, that will give you time to order anything you can't pick up easily.

Most people can scarf down a half-pound to a pound of turkey, so bust out that handy calculator and get number crunching. Plan 1.25 pounds of turkey per guest, so you and your near-comatose loved ones can bask in a shower of leftovers.

One full day of thawing for every four pounds of turkey, and a day earlier if you’re planning to give it a spa date with a brine bath. Make us an appointment while you're at it.

The liquid gold of any Thanksgiving is not to be messed with. You can make your gravy ahead of time and store it in the freezer. As for those succulent turkey drippings, just add them in once your pre-made gravy is thawed.

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