Author: Rebecca Swanner

Rebecca Swanner

The Let’s Eat Cake story begins like many do: in the back of a minivan.

On every epic road trip my parents and I took growing up, I’d read through a stack of magazines. On the last trip before I went off to college, I grabbed one I’d never seen before. As my parents drove, I devoured every word, photo, and caption.

When we arrived at dinner, I told my parents I was no longer going to pursue a career in medicine, but instead was going to create a magazine like the one I read, but for women. (Please read my forthcoming book How to Put Parents at Ease.)

After college, I spent a decade or so working for men’s magazines, learning from brilliant editors, and testing various iterations of this concept.

In 2016, I launched Let’s Eat Cake as a baking blog and creative outlet and in 2018 decided to relaunch it as the smart, irreverent lifestyle site for women. If you're looking to learn about food, drinks, travel, baking recipes, entertainment, sex and love, fashion, beauty, and how to stand a lobster on its head, you've come to the right place.


Based In: Los Angeles, CA

Education: B.A. Communication, Boston College

Favorite Film: Drive

Weirdest hobby: I collect film props

Editorial Experience: I’ve worked in publishing since graduating college. Publications I have worked or written for include Maxim Online, Stuff, Blender, Nylon, Billboard, and Inked.

Baking Experience: 30+ years. I previously ran a baking catering company called Secret Marmalade, and have appeared on Cupcake Wars, participated in Unique LA, and brought the Depressed Cake Shop to Los Angeles.

Favorite Dessert: Maple bacon donuts. Or ice cream.

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